Monday, 1 August 2011

MGUG Changes its Format

The next MGUG event is scheduled for September 30, 2011.  Have you noticed the format has changed?  It is now an all day event.  This is a departure from the first workshops which were strictly afternoon events.

The new all-day format has a new name.  It is called a conference.  Until now, MGUG used the term “workshop” for its half-day events.

Also new is the venue – Celebrations Dinner Theatre (Canad Inns Destination Centre Fort Garry).  The venue can accommodate attendance up to 500 people and all seats have an excellent view of the stage. 

That’s not all that’s new.  The new format and venue come with an admission charge (to cover expenses).  This is a first for MGUG, if you don’t count MGUG’s participation in the 2006 GIAC conference.   This is an exciting change.  The MGUG board is obviously not feeling restricted by the same old lecture theatres and boardrooms.    The cost is $43.39 per person if you register before August 31 and it includes breakfast, lunch and other stuff.   This is a bargain compared to the ESRI User Group Meeting, and that is a good deal.

What will the new format mean for attendance?  The past couple of workshops had turnouts of more than 200 people.  With an all day event and Microsoft as the headliner, will there be more people?  Or will there be fewer people now that it costs money to get in?  The MGUG Board has initiated a drive for 500 with the intent to get 500 attendees at the conference.  500!  Really?  That’s crazy!  Or is it?

With Microsoft and John Sauder on the program it should be well worth the time and money.  I will be there and so should you.  GIS is no longer the sole domain of dedicated GIS software companies such as ESRI and Intergraph.  Microsoft and Google are now leaders, especially in the visualization aspect of GIS.   I recommend you get out and see Microsoft’s vision of the future.  Be sure to register before August 31 and save $20.

Congratulations to MGUG – we are looking forward to this event.

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