Monday, 5 September 2011

In Praise of Students

It is now early September and we recently said good-bye to a student that worked with us this summer.

We were a little worried that when we hired Adam, a University of Winnipeg student going into his second year, that he might be too immature.  After all, he had only completed one year of University so he was still darn near a high school student.

Nevertheless we threw Adam into one of our most complicated business units to analyze some of their most complicated work.  An ambitious set of written goals and tasks was compiled for Adam to complete this summer.   The amount and complexity of the work that Adam was to later tackle was daunting even for long time professionals.   I personally did not have a lot of hope … maybe I remembered my own student days too well.

What happened this summer surprised us all.  Our student showed a knack for analysis and was articulate, mature and hard working.   In addition to what he was supposed to do, Adam identified flaws, inconsistencies and issues within our business unit.  What Adam achieved this summer will be useful to us long after he is gone.

I have reconsidered my opinion of students and look forward to hiring more in the future.

Good luck Adam.

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