Thursday, 26 January 2012

GeoManitoba is Officially Announced

In case you missed it, the Government of Manitoba officially announced the creation of GeoManitoba on its website on GIS Day - November 16, 2011.  (Click here to see announcement)

“GeoManitoba brings together all government mapping and data management services, making it easier for the public and organizations to access these services,” said Conservation Minister Dave Chomiak.  “It will also guide the use of geographic information services across government, ensuring the highest possible standards and the best use of new and emerging technologies.”

To the casual person in the public there is little different on the outside – so far. The Government web-site does not yet reflect the new organization and the establishment of GeoManitoba.  But GeoManitoba has begun to make its presence felt ...

Underneath the surface GeoManitoba is undergoing a transformation that is good for all of us in the Manitoba GIS community.   There is a reorganization and a revitalization of an area that was somewhat neglected for the last ten years.  GeoManitoba is currently marshalling the human and geospatial resources to actively participate, and in some cases guide or lead, geospatial evolution in Manitoba.  Some of the initiatives will take a year, two or more to develop, but the direction is positive and the impact on the GIS community will be huge.

The head honcho of GeoManitoba is Greg Carlson.

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