Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MGUG Wins Award of Excellence

This year at the Esri Canada User conference, MGUG won the Esri Canada Award of Excellence. The award was given out by Scott Labonte, Senior Account Executive and Alex Miller, President. The award is in recognition of the significant role that MGUG plays in the GIS community.

Current MGUG president, Tony Viveiros, accepted the award on behalf of all of the MGUG volunteers, past and present. Past presidents Suzanne Houlind, John Teillet, Grant Wiseman and Richard Lebedynski accompanied Tony on stage.

It somehow seems fitting that MGUG should receive an award on that stage. It was at the Esri User Conference in October 2006 that MGUG was first officially announced to the world. Esri gave MGUG a few minutes of time to describe the organization, our vision and to give out membership forms for people to fill out. MGUG received its first 70 membership applications (other than board members) from that conference.

After accepting the award, Tony Viveiros gave a short presentation on MGUG, describing some of its many accomplishments.

Congratulations to all of the hard working MGUG volunteers that have contributed to MGUG’s success over the years. You are all deserving of this award.

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